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ZipPASS will begin your registration and will add you to our schedule from home. Use this feature as a convenient way to register for an ESTIMATED walk in time at our center.

This will add you to our schedule and will decrease your time in the waiting room in the event that there are many patients before you. Your ESTIMATED time is based on patients in our clinic now & could change upon arrival.

We look forward to helping you!

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        We apologize that ZipPASS is currently not available. This clinic is a walk-in clinic, so you are welcome to walk-in during open hours without an appointment. No appointment is ever necessary.

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This is an ESTIMATED walk in time for you. This time is based on patients in our clinic now and could change upon arrival.

Be sure to bring your insurance card and a picture ID with you for your visit. Our registration forms are available for download on our website: www.WeAreURGENTCare.com . This will also save you time upon arrival.

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